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Posted on March 05 2021

BACCHUS BAGS owner Jennifer McNeal is excited to launch and share with you its flagship product, the “BACCHUS WINE PURSE”  Born and raised in Orange County California, Jennifer grew up going to the beach, parks and ball games. Creating this Wine Purse has been a way to give ladies a fun accessory that also serves a purpose. 
Bacchus Bags is a woman owned brand providing wine lovers with stylish attire to tote their favorite beverage around. We at Bacchus Bags are always fashion forward thinkers with practicality, sensibility and conservation in mind. 
As a 43 year old woman I have watched the prices of beverages in restaurants, pro games and concerts increase tremendously over the years. Even a simple bottle of water is overpriced at almost all venues, and some places do not provide you with the beverage you wish to drink. That’s why I created the Bacchus Wine Bag.
This bag pays for itself, and what a conversation piece it is. Every time I bring out this wine purse out with me, I make so many new friends. This bag becomes a mini celebrity in itself and You will be the envy of every gal who doesn’t have one. This bag has been named “Bag of the Year” and a must have accessory for 2021.


The Bacchus Wine Tote is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts who don’t want to sacrifice style for practicality. This wine purse with spout can serve as a stylish everyday bag. Discretly, this purse are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage no matter where you are. The Bacchus Wine Purse is not only a practical accessory for all wine lovers, but it’s also a fun fashion accessory. This bag can be used as a wine-purse or as a traditional purse when you aren’t toting your favorite beverage around.